Sunday, August 10, 2014

Baby Storytime

My first ever Baby Storytime!!  (well, I've subbed before, but this one I planned and presented!)  Two things that helped me feel prepared for this new opportunity:  1.  Book Babies that I took my daughter to many years ago.  2.  A wonderful role model and mentor...Mrs. B!

Here's what we did today:


Hands are Clapping
(Tune: London Bridges)

Hands are clapping
Clap, clap, clap
Clap, clap, clap
Clap, clap, clap
Hands are clapping
Clap, clap, clap
Hands are clapping.

Additional verses:
Toes are tapping
Fingers are wiggling
Eyes are hiding; peek-a-boo!

Hello, Baby! (Thanks Mrs. B for this song!!)
(Tune:  Goodnight Ladies)

Hello, _______
Hello, _______
Hello, _______
We're glad you're here today!

Trot, Trot to Boston
Trot, trot to Boston.  Trot, trot to Lynn
Watch out little baby or you might fall in!

Trot, trot to Denver.  Trot, trot to Dover
Watch out little baby or you might fall over!

Hey Little Baby! by Heather Leigh; illustrated by Genevieve Cote
Roly-poly, roly-poly (roll arms)
Out, out, out (move hands apart)
Roly-poly, roly-poly
In, in, in (move hands towards each other)
Roly-poly, roly-poly
Touch your nose.
Roly-poly, roly-poly
Touch your toes.
Roly-poly, roly-poly
Up to the sky.
Roly-poly, roly-poly
Fly, fly, fly!

Jack be Nimble
(sit crisscross on floor with baby on one knee)
Jack be nimble
Jack be quick
Jack jump over the candlestick! (switch baby from one knee to the other on the word "over")

Who's that...Playing? See How Animals Play by Kingfisher (didn't read the words...just named the animal and made its noise)
WHO'S THAT...PLAYING? by Kingfisher


Popcorn! (with the parachute)
You put the oil in the pot and you let it get hot.
You put the popcorn in and start to grin
You go sizzle, sizzle, sizzle, sizzle
Sizzle, sizzle, sizzle, sizzle
Sizzle, sizzle, sizzle, sizzle, POP!

Play and Learn
Squishy Blocks
Stacking cups
Shape sorter
Color boxes

Noisy Farm Animals Storytime

Our final theme for summer reading was "Noise".  Kids love to make animal noises, so I decided to focus this storytime on farm animals.


Cock-a-Doodle Quack! Quack!  by Ivor Baddiel and Sophie Jubb; illustrated by Ailie Busby

No Sleep for the Sheep!  by Karen Beaumont; illustrated by Jackie Urbanovic


Here is the link for our weekly songs

Over in the Barnyard
Over in the barnyard
Early in the morning
See the little chickies
All in a row
See the busy farmer
Giving them their breakfast
"Cheep, cheep, cheep, cheep"
Off they go.

Repeat song using different farm animals and the sounds they make.  [Cows, sheep, ducks, horses, pigs]

Clap our Hands When We Get Together (Jim Gill's Irrational Anthem CD)

Baa, Baa Black Sheep
Baa, baa black sheep
Have you any wool?
Yes, sir. Yes, sir.
Three bags full.
One for the master,
One for the dame,
One for the little boy who lives down the lane.

Play and Learn

Science Experiment:  Coat Hanger Sounds
Farm animals vs. zoo animals magnets

Farm animal matching baby to mother

Using children's tweezers to pick up and sort objects



Another program that was totally planned before I started my new job...but that I got to execute at one of the ten branches!

See this article in School Library Journal for more info.

Take old toys and create new ones!  Made me feel like Sid from Toy Story!

Here are the creations...from both kids and adults!!


Sunday, August 3, 2014

Squishy Circuits

I was able to help with a tween program at one of the branches.  It was called "Squishy Circuits"  and was inspired from the University of St.Thomas.

Although the program was already developed I had a fun time working with the kids...and learning too!  It's amazing stuff!

Here are some pictures from the event!

Friday, August 1, 2014

A Colorful Storytime

This week's Summer Reading theme was colors!  Exploring colors with children is always fun...but sometimes it's hard to narrow down all the fun options! (however, I forgot my camera...again!)


Dog's Colorful Day by Emma Dodd

Monsters Love Colors  by Mike Austin


See this post for repeating songs

Little Fox, Little Fox
Little Fox, Little Fox come out and play!
What color box are you in today?
(see at the end of this post for a picture of this activity)

Bop till you Drop (Greg and Steve)  with scarves

Little Boy Blue
Little Boy Blue come blow your horn
The sheep's in the meadow
The cow's in the corn
Where is the boy who looks after the sheep?
He's under a haystack, fast asleep.

Color Shapes
Colored shapes cut out of felt to make a very simple flannel board.

Red Triangle, red triangle what do you see?  I see a purple circle looking at me.
Purple circle
Blue rectangle
Orange square
Green oval
Yellow star

Play and Learn 

Skittles Colors!
This was a very fun experiment...with just one little spill!  The kids were amazed!

Dog (from Dog's Colorful Day) craft
Glued colorful pom-poms onto dog...from Sunflower Storytime

Little Fox, Little Fox
Even the older children enjoyed playing this guessing game with each other and their younger siblings!

Colorful beads and blocks

"Rainy" Storytime

Our summer reading theme for this week was weather.  I decided to focus on rain.  We had a fun time together!

Ready for stoytime!!


Tap Tap Boom Boom by Elizabeth Bluemle; illustrated by G. Brian Karas

Move Over, Rover!  by Karen Beaumont; illustrated by Jane Dyer


There is a day when I get wet and rainy in the weather.
And rainy is the weather.

(see this post for full instructions)

Silly Dance Contest (on Jim Gill's The Sneezing Song CD)

Rain is Falling Down

Rain is falling down, Splash! (clap!)
Rain is falling down, Splashe! (clap)
Pitter patter, pitter patter (pat thighs)!
(Repeat with two splashes)

Play and Learn Activities

Weather Calendar with weather stamps

Cotton Ball Clouds

What is under the umbrella?



Tuesday, July 29, 2014

"At the Beach" Storytime

I finally got to get back to the thing I truly love about being a librarian--storytime!!  After weeks of training and trying to figure out a new library (policies, collection, staff, expectations, etc) it felt so good to get back to something I felt totally comfortable with!!

Three times a month I will present an "all ages" storytime at Otis Orchards Library.  I am so excited to get to know the children and families and to share my love of books and the importance of early literacy!

However, in all the stress of a new job, I forgot my camera.


Tippy-Tippy-Tippy, Splash!  by Candence Fleming and G. Brian Karas
I loved this book...but it was a little long for this group.  They did really well during the story, but when I was finished one of the children commented, "That was a really long story!"   I'll probably try shorter stories and work my way up to longer ones!

The Crocodile Who Didn't Like Water  by Gemma Merino

Songs/Rhymes/Fingerplays/Flannel Board

Repeating songs

Five Little Starfish  (source)
Five little starfish by the shore,
The yellow one got lost and that left four.
Four little starfish in the sea,
The blue one swam far away and that left three.
Three little starfish in the ocean blue,
The red one took a seahorse ride and that left two.
Two little starfish in the sun,
The orange one took a dive and that left one.
One little starfish swimming along,
The green one floated towards home and that left none!

Can't Wait to Celebrate on Jim Gill's Irrational Anthem CD
The children loved the "freeze" part!

Five Little Fishes
Five little fishes swimming in the sea
Teasing Mr. Shark, "You can't catch me!"
Along came Mr. Shark, as quiet as can be
And snap that fish right out of the sea!

Continue counting down to one.

Play and Learn Activities
I love that the new library system I'm working at includes activities at the end of storytime.  They call it "Play and Learn".  It is very similar to my "Enrichment Activities" I did at my old library.  I feel strongly about giving the children (and parents!) the opportunity to play--one of the five practices that build a foundation for reading.  Playing and exploring builds experiences and lends nicely to talking.  In my new position I hope to encourage other storytime presenters to be more "intentional" in their play and learn portion of storytime.  Instead of just putting out a bunch of toys and activities make the experiences meaningful.  And I firmly believe that less is more when it comes to activities.  Four or five choices is sufficient!

  • Take a closer look at shells using magnifying glasses
  • Octopus "craft" (source)
  • Sink and Float "experiment"
  • Parachute