Wednesday, August 28, 2013

2013-2014 Golden Sower Nominees

We now have the 2013-2014 Golden Sower books available!!  We have multiple copies of each book...but they are being checked out like crazy!  If there is one you would like to read that isn't on the shelf, please let the staff know and we can put that title on hold for you and let you know when it comes in!

I have read all of the picture books (which children in grades K - 3rd) vote on.  I could tell you my favorite...but I want you to find your favorite!  After the voting in April I'll let you know which one I loved!


The following titles are for students in 4th through 6th grades.  I have read four of these far I have two favorites!  I'll have to continue to read the others before deciding on my favorite! 

Young Adults also have a list of ten Golden Sower books.  Check out the website to see a list of the titles.  Our YA librarian, Gordon, has a display with these titles--so stop by and check them out!  (I have read two of them...enjoyed both of them.)

Happy Reading this school year!!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Bellevue Public Schools Expo

Friday morning Gordon, the young adult librarian, and I went to Bellevue East High School to participate in the Bellevue Public Schools Expo.  Many local businesses put up booths to advertise and connect with teachers and staff.  This event is held just before their district-wide meeting.  This is our 4th year participating.  It's important to connect with the schools--and this is just one way to get our name and faces out there!

We passed out information sheets about resources at the library for children and teachers and Gordon passed out his August brochure of Young Adult activities.  Almost all of the 150 we made were handed out!

We also had Hershey's Kisses to give away with this little saying I found online:
A chance to say thanks we wouldn't miss!
Just for you, a Hershey's Kiss!
It was so funny to hear Gordon say, "Would you like a kiss?" to the young female teachers!  Usually it got a smile out of them!

Photos from the event:

Some of the past and current tween events
happening at the library!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

We're Buggy for Books!

New activities at the Do It Yourself table!  This month we are celebrating ladybugs!  Stop by the table behind the computers in the children's area any time you visit the library to do a simple craft, game or coloring sheet!

This month you can:

Make a ladybug (either to take home or leave so it can be put up on the bulletin board)

Play the ladybug dice game

Color a "fancy" ladybug
Do a ladybug maze

The ladybug activities will go through the end of August!

UPDATE:  Here is the bulletin board at the end of the month!  These are just a fraction of over 300 ladybugs the children made throughout August!