Saturday, June 29, 2013

Fun in the Children's Area

We have a ton of stuffed animals in our children's area.  Most of them have been donated to us from library patrons who either run out of room in their houses, kids out grown them, or someone finds "great deals" on them.  Usually they are up on shelves and along the bookshelves.  Here's what I found today...some kids having a ton of fun!

Lego Extravaganza!

Today the library hosted a Lego Extravaganza!  I had great Jr. Friend help, awesome local Lego experts, and a wonderful crowd of children and families!  In fact, we have an estimated count of over 100!!  I was not able to get pictures of everyone with their creations...but here are a lot!!

We had eight different Lego activities at the Extravaganza!

In the large meeting room:

1.  Check out the Lego creations of our local Lego experts:  Chris Malloy, Scott Wiley, and Dave Boyer.  Thanks so much for coming and showing off your totally awesome creations!!

Setting up...

Lego Robotics--three "rovers" roving the storytime room!

Programming the robotics
2.  Build a Lego Cookie--simply by frosting as 1/4 graham cracker and adding 6 M&Ms to the top.  Of course the frosting had to be bright colors and the M&M bowls were made from Legos.

3.  Use the library Legos to build any kind of creation at our Free Play area!

In the Children's Area

4.  Challenge #1  Build a Lego creation using only the pieces in the bag (each bag had the same number/size
of Legos).  Look at all these different creations with the same pieces!

5.  Challenge #2  Build a Lego creation using 1 cup of random Lego pieces

6.  Challenge # 3  Build a Lego Maze for a marble

7.  Activity #1  Color a mini-figure

8.  Play a Lego game (taken from here)

Children could also put their name into a drawing for a Lego book!

Our Jr. Friends made some cool creations too!

This project was supported in part by state aid funding appropriated by the Nebraska Legislature, granted and administered by the Nebraska Library Commission.