Saturday, July 4, 2015

Issun-Boshi: Little One-Inch Samauri Puppet Show

Our second week of summer reading brought us a true hero's story!

Although we were coming up on a holiday weekend we still had a decent crowd for the puppet show!  One family had seen the show at another library earlier in the day and came to see the show again! (That's saying something!!)

The kids learned a little Japanese lullaby to sing during the first "act"

The kids just laughed and laughed when the mom walks away and the baby starts crying!

Here are some (kind of dark) pictures from the show:

After the show the puppeteer "opened up" the stage so we could see "behind the scenes"!


Alice Boeckman said...

What a fun production! I love the way the audience got involved in singing the lullaby. Is this a local performer?

Tammy said...

She is from the Seattle area. We try to get her over here every few years!