Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Opposite Storytime

Well, when you break your own rule you have to pay the consequences...

My rule:  At least one book at storytime must have a substantial plot

I broke this rule today and I felt the storytime wasn't all that great.  One of my co-workers put this storytime together (with about 20 book options) and because I was rushing to get it together I neglected to notice that none of the books really had a "story".  I'll take it as a reminder to be sure to include a book with a plot in my upcoming storytimes!


Ernest, The Moose Who Doesn't Fit
by Catherine Rayner

Dinosaurs Galore!  A Roaring Pop-up
by Paul and Henrietta Stickland

Animal Opposites: A Pop-up Book
by Petr Horacek

Which is your favorite BIG or small animal?
(a small crowd today...)

Elephant (1)
Buffalo (1)
Whale (2)
Ladybug (3)
Mouse (0)


ABC Welcome

Egg Shaker Hokey Pokey

Shake your egg fast
Shake your egg slow
Shake your egg fast
Then shake it all around
You do the hokey pokey
And you turn yourself around
That's what it's all about!

Other opposites:
Up/Down or High/Low

Hop, Hop, Stop!

Dinosaur, Dinosaur

Dinosaur Dinosaur turn around
Touch the ground
Dance on toes
Touch your nose
Show your claws
Snap your jaws
Bend down low
Touch your toe
Jump up now
Take a bow
Stomp on the ground
Please sit down.

Play and Learn

We started our play session with the parachute.  The kids did a great job doing opposites:  Up/Down and Fast/Slow.  After doing this for a while the parents joined in so the kids could go under the parachute.  I did a count (up to 10) so the kids would know when we'd be done.

Make a shaker (using paper plate and beads)

Dinosaur sorting

Dinosaur magnets

Feed the Animal Games (from Lakeshore)
Image result for Feed-The-Animals Fine Motor Games - Complete Set $59.99 

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